Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today's photos from the "Tea Garden"

I purposely went to this park the other day to check it out for possible shots for my nieces 'senior photos' I'm thinking it's going to be a great location...what do you think?

I just love this Japenese building with the round window and it's all tucked in among the pretty. It never seems I can quite capture it's elegant look though. I would love to have that in my back yard as a scrap room or reading room!! A girl can dream right?

I'm thinking that this usually has flowers all around it but the two times I have been here to take photos I have missed the flowers! Maybe next's still worth a photo though.

When I was here before I never even noticed this gate but this time..I fell in love with this thing!! I must have taken a dozen or more photos of it.

Check out the way the sun is shinning through the iron gate...I love it!!

Then this stone wall..I couldn't resist a few shots of it either!

finally the window I just love the 'old' look of it with the broken window and cob webs with caught leaves in the corner.

Well, that's it for the "tea garden" shots...I'm off to find more interesting subjects!

Have a great day and thanks for coming by!


  1. That is a fantastic location! I really love that covered arch!

  2. GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! I didn't know all this time, that you had a photo blog!!! at least i don't remember!! ha..... i knew you took pics, but now i've got the blog to look at them all!! beautiful!