Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Fall Shots

Fall in my area of the world just wasn't as spectacular as it was last year. I believe it had to do with the fact that we were really dry this year, not as much rain for those leaves to soak up. Whatever the reasoning, I only got a handful of photos compared to last year.

I live in a rural area of Illinois and to me it is just perfect. When I drive around I love that there is open land and few buildings. I love that you can see the sky so clearly without anything blocking it. It makes me feel like I have room to breath. Country roads are the best, especially in the Fall!

I added a texture to the photo and it changes the whole look of things.

Here is that openness I was speaking of...wonderful isn't it? Well, if I ever get the urge for city life, I only have to go 45 min. into the city...kind of the best of both worlds I like to think!
and here I added another texture 

I just love this lone colorful has many years ahead to give pleasure to the senses!

So there you have it the best of this years pictures of Fall in my area.

Have a wonderful day!

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