Monday, November 29, 2010


I am always noticing the sky!! It is so interesting. God's canvas for sure!

These photos I took out the back..nothing special going on here I just love the contrast of the blue and the trees...with barely any leaves left but the ones that are there give a little contrast in color as well.

Sometimes there will be a photo opp that comes along for me but I feel like I just can't capture it with my camera...this is when, I have learned to use filters or "actions" on my photos to help create what I see with my eye but can't quiet capture with the camera lense.
Here I have added a "Coffee Shop" action called "Cocoa 2"
It was so foggy but the sun was shinning just right to a little glare to the scene. 

I took some more photos of the sky this morning. I will be back later on to share those.
Have a wonderful day!!

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